How to update an old catalyst script


From time to time the catalyst scripts in the script/ directory may become dated. This could happen after updating Catalyst::Devel. See Catalyst::setup() for the details. You'll know a script is dated, because when you run it you'll get a warning message. For example if you have a script that is dated you'll get the following warning:

[warn] You are running an old script!

  Please update by running (this will overwrite existing files): -force -scripts MyApp

  or (this will not overwrite existing files): -scripts MyApp


One can resolve the warning by following the its advice. In other words, you need to cd .. out of the project directory and run one of the two examples above. One can choose to either overwrite the current scripts or create a new copy.

Overwrite Existing Scripts -force -scripts MyApp

This will create new version of the script in place.

Create .new scripts -scripts MyApp

This will create copies of the scripts/ but with the .new suffix appended. You will have to manually copy them to the right location.

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