Troubleshooting Catalyst

The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.

My Makefile.PL went boom! What do I do?

There are multiple things that can happen when your Makefile.PL goes "boom". Here are a few solutions.

Upon receiving this error:

devin@devin-laptop:~/web-devel/womens-studies-library$ perl Makefile.PL 
Can't call method "load_all_extensions" on an undefined value at inc/Module/ line 167.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Makefile.PL line 3.

What must be done here:

  1. rm -rf inc/ (from MyApp/)
  2. perl Makefile.PL


I get warnings like Name "Class::Data::Accessor::COMPONENT" used only once: possible typo at line 58

Sample error at

Cause: a Perl 5.10 thing. NEXT looks too close at the symbol table.

Solution: ignore, or upgrade to Catalyst 5.8, which doesn't use NEXT. May also be fixed in the core version of NEXT in blead.

I don't get a "Makefile" when I run "perl Makefile.PL"

Your copy of Module::Install in "inc" is not complete. In particular, check that you have a directory called ".author" inside "inc".

$ mkdir inc/.author
$ perl Makefile.PL 

If that doesn't work then completely remove inc and follow the directions for "My Makefile.PL went boom" above. (Also, don't check-in the "inc" directory into version control.)