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  • The more time I spend, the more I think that Catalyst is really dedicated to working in the problem space where the most important parts aren't "done for you". Componentry is about taking away the boring stuff so that you can spend more of your time on the really chewy stuff. The only reasons you write a boring "just glue the pieces together" app in Catalyst are A) you're a beginner and you're doing it to learn the ropes, or B) you're an expert and you're so attuned to Catalyst that it hurts you to use anything else :) Of course it's the relatively easy stuff that has mass appeal, but fuckit. I'll take "lets me work minor miracles" over "super easy to use and has awesome screencasts" anyday :-P
    -- Andrew Roland in #catalyst, 2009-Feb-09

  • Rails has a very strange learning curve. To get up a very simple website with a simple DB store, the language is great; you can get things up and running in no time, even if you're a newbie (...)

    However, once you get past all the stuff Rails was designed to help you do, making it do interesting new things requires a TON of learning. All the "magic" it does, while great if you're doing things it was designed for, becomes a TOTAL headache when you're doing stuff it wasn't designed for, because all of a sudden you have to "understand the magic" in order to figure out why things aren't doing what you'd expect, and the reference documentation sucks -- several times, I've had to simply go dive into the library source code to try to figure out just what's going on, and even then, the "magic" makes it nearly impossible to easily figure out.
    -- Paul J Clegg on Startupping Forums

  • Interestingly, Paul Clegg's comments are more or less exactly what I was thinking when I dropped Rails in search of something else (eventually finding Catalyst). As long as you wanted to do what the Rails developers had already thought about, you were in great shape. If you wanted to do something that the Rails developers hadn't thought of, you were screwed. I joked at the time that Rails was the most appropriately named framework, because as long as the rails went there, you could go. If they didn't, you had a long hard walk ahead of you.
    -- Jay Kuri

  • I used to cut PHP programmers some slack... newbies have to start somewhere, said I... After this past week... I am firmly of the opinion, if you can't quite grok a real language, maybe you shouldn't be programming. I've written semi-decent code in PHP... When PHP was required, but nothing else was required. Problem seems to be that PHP programmers are pathologically broken-headed. They hear of things like 'frameworks' and 'MVC' and they read half of the Wikipedia page and go write something that is almost entirely, but not quite, unlike a framework / MVC. I mean... seriously. What's the point of an MVC framework if you have to write all the M functions yourself, manually include them into each 'action' and then manually load a view class and call the view. It's the 'bring lots of wood so you can build your own ladder' framework.
    -- Jay Kuri, CPAN contributor (after a particularly bad PHP project)

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