Catalyst screencasts

  • Dan Dascalescu - Introduction to Catalyst (6:52, high definition, narration; 2009-Jun)

    • Part 1 talks about installing Catalyst, creating your first application, examining its structure, and how HTTP requests are dispatched.
    • Part 2 (in the works) creates a database and uses Catalyst::Helper::Model::DBIC::Schema to automatically create a Catalyst model and DBIx::Class schema file by introspecting the database. Then, it uses Catalyst::Plugin::AutoCRUD to view and edit the database with the Catalyst application. All this in 1 (one) line of code. NOTE : As of May 9th 2011, this Part 2 is still in the works. Perhaps it would be kinder to simply remove all reference to it ????
  • Jonathan Rockway - Building Catalyst Applications (41:36, narration, blury, can't see the code on some slides; YAPC 2007). Note that the dispatch flow described at 06:50 is inaccurate. Please see the Catalyst dispatch flowchart instead. The correct sequence is begin, auto (least specific to most), action, end (and fallback to default).

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