We plan to do a series of 5.8.* releases to add new features and extend usage of moose (and remain backwards compatible), then use that to create Catalyst6 at one point and provide a new style of catalyst development which fully uses this capabilities. This distribution of Catalyst 6 will not maintain backwards compatibility with Catalyst 5.8. Catalyst 5.8 will continue to be updated for some time after Catalyst 6 is released.

5.8.1 August 2008

5.8.2 October 2008 5.8.3 Catalyst6

Catalyst-NG Style

Experimental for 5.8.x series?

When we're happy with it, Catalyst6

HTTP::Engine support

Help HTTP::Engine stabilize

Loose coupling: Roles for the API that request/response expects $c->req / $c->res can be implemented using HTTP::Engine::Request/HTTP::Engine::Response 5.8.1: Adding support NG: Default engines

Engine inversion

Make engines support running application(s) Decoupling Required for multiple engines/applications in an instance

5.8.2: Basic support

Context/Application split

5.8.1: Trick Konobi into picking this up again

Devel::Declare style syntax

Not to be done in core. Separate Controllers can compete through cage matches on CPAN Survivor goes into C6

Request/Response roles

Add support for applying roles globally per request, and possibly per instance

Deprecations for NG

  • Remove eval cage from forward
  • Unify go/forward/visit/detach

Error handling

Make error handling more flexible. Enable users to easily handle different types of errors and serve their own error screen

Separating out MVC?

Application layouts should be more configurable

This is targetted for NG

Separating dispatching and flow control

To make it easier to provide separate dispatcher systems, we should refactor out flow control of the dispacher (forward/detach/...)

begin/end/auto -> chained

method chain-root ($self, $c, $chain_rest, $my_arg1, $my_arg2) {
  # or $c->call_next();
  # or call_next;

renderview becomes a root role

each chain part needs to call the next explicitly

Matched Captures



Parameter scoping

Setting arguments as accessors on controller classes and letting them have Request/Query/Session/Flash/Application scope. Controller methods should probably default to request scope?

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