The Catalyst core team is pleased to announce the availability of the second maintenance release of Catalyst 5.80.

This release fixes a number of bugs and regressions found in the previous releases.

As far as I can see, this fixes every regression against 5.71 reported thus far, except for a bug causing errors to be reported as 'unknown error' in some cases where your application will not compile / start.

If you have an issue which has been reported, is not solved by this release, and is not specifically mentioned in the TODO file included in the distribution, then please reply into this thread..

The important fixes in this release are:

  • Logging levels have been fixed to be additive, this cures inconsistencies with logging / stats / debug mode.

  • Moose and MooseX::MethodAttributes new versions are required, avoiding 'metaclass compatibility' and 'cannot support register_actions' exceptions in some cases which would have stopped applications from starting previously.

  • Fix so that unattached chained actions can no longer cause your application to fail to start. Also fix so that these are correctly reported in a table when debug mode is on.

A full changelog of what we fixed, and the list of known bugs is included below.

Many thanks t0m


5.80003 2009-04-29 16:23:53 - Various POD tweaks. (hdp, dandv) - Fix formatting error in the regex fallback warning. (rafl) - Convert the dispatcher's and restarter engine's BUILD method to attribute builders to not override the BUILD method from MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast. (rafl) - Fix classes without metaclasses restarting, when not using B::Hooks::OP::Check::StashChange (t0m) - Fix the unattached chain debug table for endpoints with no parents at all. (rafl) - Turn of test aggregation by default. Only aggregate if the AGGREGATE_TESTS environment variable is set and a recent Test::Aggregate is available. (rafl) - Bump to MooseX::MethodAttributes 0.09, to gain the get_nearest_methods_with_attributes method allowing methods without attributes in a subclass to override those with attributes in a superclass. This fixes CatalystX::CRUD's method of overriding / disabling functionality from base controllers. (t0m) - Bump HTTP::Request::AsCGI dependency to avoid broken version (t0m) - Bump Moose dependency to latest version to fix metaclass incompatibility issues in some cases. (t0m) - Additional tests for setup_stats method. (t0m) - Fix log levels in Catalyst::Log to be properly additive. (t0m) - Fix RT#43375 by sorting results before testing them (t0m) - Fixes for uri_for_action when using Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex + tests from RT#39369 (norbi) - Partial rewrite and reoganisation of the C3 docs in Catalyst::Upgrading based on feedback from kiffin (t0m) - If you make your application class immutable and turn off constructor inlining, Catalyst will die and tell you pass the (replace_constructor => 1) argument to make_immutable. (Dave Rolsky)


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