Official Announcement for Catalyst version 5.8002

21 April 2009
For immediate release

The Catalyst core team is pleased to announce the availability of the first maintenance release of Catalyst 5.80.

This release fixes a number of bugs and regressions found in the initial release.

As far as I can see, this fixes every issue reported thus far in the initial release. If you have an issue which has been reported to the list, and is not solved by this release, please reply into this thread..

A full changelog of bugs fixed is included below.

Many thanks t0m

  • Fix CATALYST_DEBUG and MYAPP_DEBUG environment variables turning debuging on if defined, rather than if set. They now force debugging on or off, taking precedence over configuration in your application. (t0m)
    • Tests for this
  • pass replace_constructor to the immutable call to ensure applications get a Moose constructor rather than a C::A one (mst)
  • Fix issues with restarting the application class due to C3 failures on perl 5.10 (t0m)
  • Work around issues in Moose with initialization order of multiple levels of non-Moose classes inheriting from a Moose class (t0m)
    • Test for this
  • Add backwards compatibility method for Catalyst::Log->body, which has been made private (t0m)
  • Fix so that calling $c->req->parameters(undef) does not flatten the request parameters with undef + test (t0m)
  • Fix so that width of table of unattached actions for debugging ::DispatchType::Chained varies according to your terminal width (Oleg Kostyuk)
  • Fix warning message about linearized @ISA in Catalyst::Component (Emanuele Zeppieri)
  • Require MX::MethodAttributes 0.06 to avoid issues with saying use base 'Catalyst::Controller'; use Moose; losing actions (t0m)
  • Fix all of t0m's typos in ::Upgrading and ::Delta (hobbs)
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