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The following collects a list of landing pages aggregating information about Catalyst releases.

Catalyst 5.8

Major features of the 5.8 series includes a transition to the Moose object oriented framework, huge refactoring of the test suite, resolution of many outstanding bugs, and lots of new documentation. This release of Catalyst represents over 18,000 lines of code improvements coordinated by its worldwide community members. Despite the huge set of changes and upgrades, it was completed in a little over twelve months.


Catalyst is available for installation via Perl's cpan command line tool:

cpan Catalyst::Runtime

You can also download it at


Full backward compatibility was a mandate for this release. Catalyst is very highly tested. The 5.8 code is currently running, unchanged, a Catalyst site that has been up since version 4.3, in 2004. Please bring your upgrade issues to the mailing list or to the Catalyst IRC chat. For reaching the community see:

For the Press

The official press release for Catalyst 5.8 can be found at: 58PressRelease.

More Information

A further explanation of all the changes can be found in Catalyst::Delta, the latest version of which can always be found at

To follow what community members are saying, visit

Members of the press can contact the community at

Business leaders interested in exploring Catalyst technologies for their companies can reach the community at

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