nothingmuch's vision of \CatalystEasy is along the lines of a semi-integrated stack.

The idea is that some people don't like to make all the choices up front.

For example, to use session/auth stuff, you simply say:

use Catalyst::Easy qw/Session Authentication/; # chooses defaults

additionally it always creates a DBIC::Schema based model and a TT view (unless told otherwise in the catalyst_easy_create.pl CLI), with schema reverse engineering and what not. If a DSN is not provided an SQLite database will be created.

The stack trace plugin should always be in use, as well as Static::Simple and \ConfigLoader

Hopefully this will help the newbies get a faster feedback loop for "start with catalyst -> get stuff done", and even provide some good defaults for more experienced users, without being a core feature that will dirty up our flexibility.

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