Beer Rewards / Creating Catalyst CPAN

nothingmuch? wants a CPAN management model written in Catalyst. There is an entry in BeerRewards for this.

Ideally this would:

  • Run as a service on my local machine
  • Allow me to view docs for all installed Perl modules, including introspection (installed version, .packlist stuff)
  • Allow me to view docs for all Perl modules by specifying a mirror (for minicpan users)
  • allow me to install a module with a click using CPANPLUS as a backend or something
  • Have nifty ajaxish progress reports on installation
  • nice (good looking), robust (handles failures elegantly) workflow for installation (dependencies, etc)
  • nice test report facility - all test reports should be easily identified, uploadable to CPAN testers (with the possibility to report OKs by default)
  • Include the ability to run tests with a different harness for \SmokeServer integration
  • ability to accept dist URL on the fly, with plugins to handle various "Sources" - download a custom tarball and install it, install from an SVN repo, a working directory, a darcs repo
  • suspended mode (to allow running a command line CPAN without bringing down the perldoc service)
  • authentication for installation using sudo
  • the ability to uninstall modules would be great
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