Beer Rewards

Here are some tasks which have a beer reward attached to them.

A beer is a unit of currency. Catalyst users and developers will pay beer for the following tasks.

A beer is defined as one of:

  1. $3-6 via paypal, depending on how bad your country is about the costs (1 large beer at a pub)
  2. a sixpack or somthing like that mail ordered (you are responsible for finding the option in your country, and you must accumilate credit)
  3. "when you meet me", at a conf or something like that.
  4. moral equivalent of beer for non alcoholics

A case of beer is 24 beers as in the Australian 'slab'

To claim a beer: just say you did it on IRC (it must be accepted and committed to svn though - if it ain't good you don't get any ;-)

Ordered from most to least

4 cases of beer

  • An IMAP Client using Ajax type things, preferably using Dojo, to whoop Squirrelmail's butt. Offered by Suretec (ghenry)

  • A total of four cases of beer are available for an open source catalyst application that makes editing and delivering on-line surveys possible in a simple manner that encourages good survey design. Contact kd on irc to find out what components need to be implemented, and to negotiate the size reward for each component.

30 beers (1(6/24) cases aka 1.25 cases)

  • purge is willing to reward 30 beers for a WebDAV server implementation for Catalyst, ping me on for more details.

18 beers

  • konobi (12 beers), emdee (6 beers) , to the first person to port bugzilla to catalyst (codename: firefly) using DBIx-Class. Bugzilla Schema Information

6 beers

  • KillTrac - nothingmuch is willing to give out 6 beers for an integrated solution: fix up MojoMojo, use for bugs, implement timeline view (rumors are Numa has something), claco's SVN browser, add diff viewing support, and rss feeds to all of this (an XML::Feed view of the timeline - make it share the filtering code). If we have all that we can replace trac with a Catalyst based solution

5 beers

  • ~~New stylish debug and welcome screens for Catalyst. (ask sri for details)~~ offer withdrawn

4 beers

  • nothingmuch and ash are willing to award 2 beers each for a CPAN frontend written in Catalyst (see CatalystCPAN?)

3 beers

  • Home page facelift - less text, more "why do you want it" than "why is it better", and a simpler layout (3 columns is too much). Let's face it, looks more tempting than, and no, that doesn't have that much to do with the color scheme. We need better images, and better use of the Catalyst crop circles logo. Offered by nothingmuch.
  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 3 beers for Catalyst::Controller::Helpers - something that will play along with the welcome screen and allow you to choose from installed and uninstalled helpers, download them from the CPAN, and generate components with them layering on top of LTjake?'s Catalyst::Controller::Inspector (think of it as an application admin tool)
  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 3 beers for DBIx::Class::Permissions - this is an api addition that requires you to tell the object who is editing it before you get a e.g. a writable interface:

    my $object_for_actor = $object->actor( $actor ); $object_for_actor->column("foo"); $object->update;

The actor method will check that the $actor is a relation of $object via a field like owner, for belongs to, or a field like group/role using many to many, etc. This should actually be abstracted further: "write" and "read" are the basic actions you can make on a mint DBIC object, but it should be extensible. Every noun (column, presumably) and verb (read, write, extended) can have a permission (a relationship in which $actor must exist). * nothingmuch is willing to reward 3 beers for a generic Catalyst controller that can take any Model that inherits DBIC::Schema (as well as loader) and "manage" it: deploy to a DSN, alter the schema, generate new declaration .pm files for download (or in place merging), or possibly save the "schema only" info in yml files. This is not an easy task to get right.

2 beers

  • nothingmuch and peterdragon are willing to reward 2 beers per 750 words of doc, limit 3 per person
  • Any marketting eye candy that aims for non geeks - stuff that is factual, concise, but attractive to the business heads.
  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 2 beers for CatalystEasy?
  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 2 beers for DBIx::Class::Shell - a shell that allows powerful introspection and manipulation of DBIx::Class, with embedded perl, but also some easier things. nothingmuch started thinking about this but then quickly realized he doesn't have enough time.
  • chansen is willing to reward 2 beers for WWW::MochiKit - a \MochiKit generator that works with HTML and/or JSON that has better support for snippets as functions, safer quoting semantics, no need for things like value => "' + var + "' and overall more consistency than HTML::Prototype.
  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 2 beers for a show-offy (pretty, ajax enabled) web gallery written to catalyst, with flexible backends (SQL or filesystem).
  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 2 beers for a port of \MojoMojo to DBIC

1 beer

  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 1 for the trac theme to be updated to the colorscheme/layout
  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 1 beer to the first person to write and release (opensource) a real app with the ACL plugin (serious testing is required)
  • nothingmuch is willing to reward 1 beer for release engineering & tidying of \MojoMojo so that it can be considere a "finished" thing


  • ~~nothingmuch is willing to reward 3 beers for removing all instances of CDBI from Catalyst's docs, and replacing them with examples/info on DBIx::Class instead, since we prefer to deal with that nowadays~~ fireartist did this
  • ~~chansen and nothingmuch are willing to reward 2 beers (1 each) for Catalyst::Plugin::Inspector, which allows you to view pod for your components as well as for catalyst itself as a part of your app online (e.g. http://localhost:3000/catalyst/actions lists all actions in your app, with their pod)~~ - LTjake is doing this (see Catalyst::Controller::Inspector
  • ~~nothingmuch is willing to reward 1 beer for Catalyst::Plugin::Session::FineGrainedExpire (please find a better name), which allows you to say $c->session_expire("key" => $spec ), and it will add a "__key_expires_$key" => $timestamp entry into the session, and clean up based on these at prepare time.~~ This has been implemented in Catalyst::Plugin::Session itself.
  • ~~nothingmuch is willing to reward 1 beer for a new smokeserver (replacement with good caching, compare facilities, and a nice way to browse results. -- rafl is doing this.~~
  • ~~purge is willing to reward another 30 beers for improved catalyst URI handling using a new Args attribute on the controller~~ thanks nothingmuch + mst
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