Things that need to be fixed in MojoMojo

  • The 'Authors' link functionality is broken
  • shows no interests/movies but if I edit the page, there are some defined

  • The diff links form the recent page always think the article is at its first revision

  • Attaching images to a page and then showing them inline is problematic. I attached some to and then cannot easily insert images - an image picker would be good. So I tried to put the link in directly with e.g.

  • but when clicking Save often get exceptions although it seemed to save the page. These might be from the plucene indexer, I'm not sure --peterdragon

    • This is related to Plucene. It has been disabled until we can replace it.

'pre' blocks

sub input_formfu : Local {
    my ( $self, $c ) = @_;

    # Create form object
    my $form = $self->form;
  • Another problem with pre block detected with quoting Apache configuration

    • using <pre>
Directory />
  Order Deny,Allow
  Deny from all
  Options None
  AllowOverride None

  • using 4-space indenting

    Order Deny,Allow Deny from all Options None AllowOverride None

bug: there should be a preformated block above; however for some reason 4-space indented block cannot follow a buletted paragraph

<Directory />
 Order Deny,Allow
  Deny from all
  Options None
  AllowOverride None

CSS issues

WikiWord issues

To be honest, I hate implicit wikiwords. Can we make them disabled by default? * marcus * Agree. There is also no way to have WikiWords in langauges without the concept of CapitalCase (e.g. Chinese, Japanese). -- dandv

The automatic parsing of WikiWords gets confused if the "optional title" of an image index contains a WikiWord:

![some alternate text]( "MighTyv")

See the result at live applications (search for "Migh").

Fixed in trunk

  • The style sheet(s) make no difference between <em> and <strong> (see reset.css)
  • pre blocks should have scrollbars set to 'auto'


  • The style sheet(s) make no difference between ordered and unordered lists.

  • Oddity: at /gettingstarted/catalystoverview, click "GettingStarted" in the breadcrumb area.-

  • Apparently, the automatic preview doesn't work if the document contains a character with a code point above 127: café.

    • -- dandv

The page edit window displayed when creating a new page does not show the "Preview Attachments Syntax" bar.

The Syntax pop-up text for how to insert images needs to be fixed:

  • there's a missing ] after "alt text"
  • the image URL must NOT be enclosed in double quotes (if it is, the image is not rendered)

Things that would be great to have

  1. (easy) collapse consecutive edits done by the same user within a given (short) time period to a single edit
  2. timestamp of the last edit displayed visibly (currently as mouseover):
    • on the page
    • next to the revision number when going back in time
  3. Page Info link when going back in time
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