Form-based user input with Catalyst

With Catalyst, you can simply use HTML form input elements directly, or you can use a form framework plugin to make things easier:

  • filter input -e.g. remove leading/trailing spaces, non-digits from credit card numbers
  • validate input - e.g. make sure that the "e-mail" field does contain an e-mail
  • highlight fields with errors after form submission, and keep the previously entered values when the application presents the form to the user for correction
  • or even map database values to fields easily, for both loading and saving of data to/from forms

Form frameworks


Experimental, or in development

  • Reaction - bleeding edge, more complex widget framework, experimental
  • Chloro

Legacy - not recommended

  • HTML::Widget - superseded by FormFu
  • FormBuilder - Stable but infrequently updated. Recommend FormFu or FormHandler instead

See also Form Processing at the Perl 5 Wiki.

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