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Comment by: Danny Warren (2007-08-11)

Rating: 5/5

Been with them for a while now and more satisfied than I have ever been with another hosting company. I give them huge props for writing ALL their own hosting panel apps and keeping everything useful and lightweight (even if it is rails, heh). I tried a handful of VPS providers (but skipped linode for some reason, don't recall why) before deciding, and what sold me on Slicehost was:

  • Developer-friendly admins (that is a HUGE plus right there)
  • The cleanest out-of-the-box VM images of any provider I have dealt with so far
  • Tons of distros to choose from, and they are proactive about offering new / updates ones (they are gunning for a BSD image when the technology catches up, which I am excited about)
  • They don't oversell their server space (which leads to the only downside, having to wait for them to allocate space for you)
  • Their homemade panel software is awesome:
  • You can console in to your box via an ajax webapp if something goes horribly wrong (!!)
  • They offer a regular rotating backup routine for only $10 extra per month
  • Insanely easy to wipe or restore a VPS image if you bork it (no support tickets, just click a button)

Don't mean to sound like a shill, but I burned through a handful of bad VPS providers while waiting for my slice to be ready and was overjoyed when I got to it. The VM images at some of those places were messier than a shared host environment.

Comment by: Michele "lordarthas" Beltrame (2007-08-10)

Rating: 4/5

Slicehost is a great VPS provider, with a wide choice of fully supported Linux distributions. Support is excellent. Some features are missing though, like the ability to request ad additional IP address for a slice, but that will be added soon. There's a cool automated slice backup management.

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