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Catalyst-friendly hosting

If you have root access, there's not much Catalyst-specific that you need from a hosting provider. If you don't have root access, you can still install Catalyst (see the local::lib and shared hosting entries in the Advent Calendar).

The most important specification of a host for Catalyst applications is the amount RAM, Perl being quite memory consuming.

This page aims to provide informed reviews from knowledgeable developers, as opposed to inane reviews or sales pitches. Below is a list of Catalyst-friendly web hosting providers: they range from low-cost shared hosting services to VPS and to dedicated servers. The "key features" are not meant to be exhaustive: please take a look at the provider's web site for details. The list is sorted by number of comments and, within that, by rating.

If you wish to contribute and cannot edit this wiki pages, you can contact dandv or lordarthas in #catalyst (on

Hosting providers

Rank Name Services Geographical location Key features Rating
1 VPS USA. HQ: Nashville, TN; multiple data centers: Fremont, CA; Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Newark, NJ Choice of Linux distribution, built-in monitoring, VPS snapshots, Distributed geographically, DNS Service, rock solid 4.67/5
2 SliceHost VPS Scottsdale, AZ, USA Choice of Linux distribution, VPS snapshots, rock solid 4.5/5
2 A Small Orange Shared, VPS Atlanta, GA, USA FastCGI, shell access, good technical support, responsive servers, unlimited MySQL and sqlite databases. Double the price of Slicehost. 4.5/5
3 VPS Land VPS Sandy Springs, GA, USA Choice of Linux distribution 2/5
two comments
3 Bytemark VPS, Dedicated England, UK Choice of Linux distribution, open source friendly, no vps snapshot support. Root & Console access 3/5
one comment
3 pair Networks Dedicated/VPS Pittsubrgh, PA, USA Fully managed and robust, though expensive, FreeBSD servers and VPS 5/5
1 comment
4 Servebyte VPS Los Angeles, CA, USA 2-man shop, unprofessional, but cheap 2/5
1 comment
5 OVH VPS, Dedicated Paris, France Extremely affordable dedicated servers (have a look at the kimsufi range). n/a be the first to comment?
5 A2 Hosting VPS, shared, dedicated, reseller Ann Arbor, MI Choice of Xen or OpenVZ VPS plans from $14.95/month. Your choice of custom Linux OS. More expensive than Slicehost/Linode. n/a be the first to comment?
5 DreamHost Shared Brea, CA, USA FastCGI, shell access n/a be the first to comment
5 WebFusion Dedicated Beestone, Nottingham, UK Formerly 123-reg. Less band for the buck than Linode or Slicehost. n/a be the first to comment?
5 Make-Tracks Secure Hosting Shared, Dedicated Sydney, Australia Shared hosting with apache/cgi/php/mysql/etc; dedicated apache/mod_perl instances for custom application (or other setups upon request); managed servers available. n/a be the first to comment?
5 RimuHosting VPS Hosting VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting Dallas, London, Sydney 50% more expensive than Slicehost n/a be the first to comment?

For more on fully managed hosting, See

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