VPSLAND reviews

Comment by: Michele "lordarthas" Beltrame (2007-08-10)

Rating: 2/5

VPS Land systems tend to work well, but the problem arises when you need support: you might need to wait for several hours to have someone looking into your VPS, and often the staff is not competent enough: I had once to resolve myself a configuration mistake they made and were unable to find, and which prevented network access for my system. Also, billing is sometimes a bit confused and it takes a while to figure out how it works.

Comment by: J. Shirley (2007-08-10)

Rating: 1/5

They were an acceptable vanilla VPS, no key features to mention over any other VPS provider. It was hard to figure out management and get usage stats The support staff was absolutely useless, and just plain horrible. I canceled my account and was billed 2 more times after about 7 emails telling them to cancel. I finally had to dig up information on their business owner, and emailed him at a different address and that was the only way to get resolution. Absolutely absurd. Blogged about it at