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Review by: dandv (2008-11-27)

I've had an entry-level 256MB VPS slice with Slicehost for one year.

NEVER did I need any support. Not a single ticket. Things just worked. The slice is unmanaged, but there is a concise management web application that lets you reboot the slice, change DNS settings and... that's really it. You just don't need anything more, yet it's surprising how many tickets you need to raise with other providers (I have experience with JaguarPC and Servebyte).

Reliability: since I reinstalled a newer Ubuntu, my slice did not reboot at all. I run htop and it displays an exclamation mark near the uptime: 182 days.

I don't run a traffic intensive site, but from what I've seen, uptime has been 100%.

Support: Slicehost has an impressive wiki, and lots of articles on how to setup and configure OSes, databases, e-mail, DNS, FTP etc.. There is also #slicehost on, where other users help you with any Linux administration question you might have (even if you don't have a slice), and a few Slicehost employees (PickledOnion, mateu) are online at any time.


  • ugrades are not incremental at all. You can't ask for just more RAM; you have to buy the next level slice ($38), which has double RAM, double disk space, and double bandwidth, even if you only need the RAM.
  • no CPU or network usage graphs. Linode offers those (ref)
  • Price: $20/month for 256MB RAM appears to be a bit much. However, the only serious VPS hosting provider that I found having a better offer is Linode (360MB RAM for $20).
    I've looked at Media Temple ($42..50, 256MB RAM), EuroVPS ($22..32, 384MB), JaguarPC ($40, 256MB), ServInt ($49, 384MB), Fluid Hosting ($40..50, 512MB), RimuHosting ($30, 256MB), A2 Hosting ($25, 256MB), A Small Orange ($50, 256MB), then at the top HostJury VPS providers with over 30% uptime: MyriadNetwork ($45, 256MB dedicated RAM), Liquid Web ($60, 384MB), steadfast {$30, 256MB), dreamhost ($31, 256MB RAM but no root access), aptHOST ($40, 256MB), HostICan ($45, 512MB), GoDaddy ($33..42, 512MB), Apollo Hosting ($28..40, 256MB), lunarpages ($40..45, 512MB), hostway (£39.95, 256MB)

Rating: 4.5/5

Review by: Danny Warren (2007-08-11)

Rating: 5/5

Been with them for a while now and more satisfied than I have ever been with another hosting company. I give them huge props for writing ALL their own hosting panel apps and keeping everything useful and lightweight (even if it is rails, heh). I tried a handful of VPS providers (but skipped linode for some reason, don't recall why) before deciding, and what sold me on Slicehost was:

  • Developer-friendly admins (that is a HUGE plus right there)
  • The cleanest out-of-the-box VM images of any provider I have dealt with so far
  • Tons of distros to choose from, and they are proactive about offering new / updates ones (they are gunning for a BSD image when the technology catches up, which I am excited about)
  • They don't oversell their server space (which leads to the only downside, having to wait for them to allocate space for you)
  • Their homemade panel software is awesome:
  • You can console in to your box via an ajax webapp if something goes horribly wrong (!!)
  • They offer a regular rotating backup routine for only $10 extra per month
  • Insanely easy to wipe or restore a VPS image if you bork it (no support tickets, just click a button)

Don't mean to sound like a shill, but I burned through a handful of bad VPS providers while waiting for my slice to be ready and was overjoyed when I got to it. The VM images at some of those places were messier than a shared host environment.

Review by: Michele "lordarthas" Beltrame (2007-08-10)

Rating: 4/5

Slicehost is a great VPS provider, with a wide choice of fully supported Linux distributions. Support is excellent. Some features are missing though, like the ability to request ad additional IP address for a slice, but that will be added soon. There's a cool automated slice backup management.

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