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Comment by: Michele "lordarthas" Beltrame (2007-08-11)

Rating: 5/5

A dedicated FreeBSD 6.2 server (Quickserve) at pair Networks can be expensive, but it's reliable, stable and performing. Moreover it's fully managed, so the provider deals for you with all problems, software upgrade, backups, etc... Internet connection and quality of the datacenter is top notch, among the best you can find. The only downside is that you don't get full root access, but the (excellent) customer service can help you a lot to deal with that.

Comment by: j0e axford (May 10th, 2013)

Rating: N/A

I decided to go with and signed-up on their website for their "pairLite" plan. After initial attempts to deploy failed, I contacted customer support and was told a Perl Catalyst application would not run on the plan I chose. I was advised to go with their pairVPS (Virtual Private Servers) plan, but I couldn't afford it. Charges were refunded, the "pairLite" account closed and an account with their "Basic" plan opened:

At this point the pairLite account is being closed, and the charges refunded. You should see the credit post back to your credit card in the next day, or so.

In addition, I also went ahead and setup the Basic account that utilizes our standard servers that include some more features that aren't available with pairLite.

As I mentioned, this is something that's typically not done on this lower tiered style of account, but considering your needs it seems like it would be worth a shot.

If you still aren't able to get things running on the new account just let me know, and I can get this one closed for you as well. If it does work out for you the normal charges of $10/month would take effect starting February 1st.

I continued to try and deploy my application with a little help from customer support and people at, but ultimately failed and the account was closed.

Although attempts to deploy with failed, not all was lost and I have the utmost respect for them. Telephone support was prompt and courteous and several people sincerely tried to help, though they always prefaced our conversation with something like:

We only support PHP with fastcgi for this type of account. You may be able to get your Perl Catalyst application to run, but we don't support it.

I only called a few times, but the last person I talked to stated definitively that a Catalyst application would not run on the account. By then I was very frustrated, so I gave up.

In fairness to, I had practically no system administration experience going into this, and no experience deploying any kind of website on any kind of a server. With the experience I have since gained, I might be able to successfully deploy if I tried to do so again.

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