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Comment by: Francesc Rom i Frigol (2007-08-12)

Rating: 5/5

asmallorange shared hosting plans start at $25/year (75M space) for the "Tiny" plan. They don't officially support catalyst but they offer ssh access on request, which makes it relatively easy to install catalyst from CPAN. Read the "shared hosting" section of the Catalyst Cookbook for details. BTW, many thanks to people in #catalyst who helped me through the installation. The technical support at asmallorange were also very kind, helpful and quick to respond. I ended up asking them to install DBD::SQLite because I had trouble getting it installed locally, and they did. If you want to install everything related to Catalyst you might need to get the next plan, since compiling everything requires quite a bit of space, with the "Small" plan you get 400MB for $50/year. Altough I have this plan I ended up installing just the bare minimum stuff, and I have now a working Catalyst application with DBIx::Class and TT which uses 5.2MB of space but the .cpan directory uses 37M more.

Comment by: Kieren Diment (2007-08-12)

Rating: n/a

You don't get +x on /usr/bin/cc with A Small Orange shared hosting plans so if you have XS modules that you need you will need to make a support request, which in my experience has been very fast. One notable XS module that might not be on your server is FCGI.pm.

Comment by: Gerda Shank (2008-09-25)

Rating: 4/5

I have a Catalyst site on the small plan and find it a good value for the money. Unfortunately at this date their shared servers are still running Apache 1.3 (cPanel). Periodically high server load causes problems with fastcgi processes, and the database occasionally doesn't connect. This hasn't been a showstopper with my very light use site, but YMMV. Their support has been prompt and helpful. You can run cron jobs and are allowed to run your application on a port, but would have to set up cron jobs and manage it yourself.

Comment by: j0e axford (May 10th, 2013)

Rating: N/A

I emailed and called several shared hosting providers and asmallorange.com was the only one that promptly responded. Among other things I asked:

I am looking for shared web hosting to deploy my perl catalyst application, this is what I would like to do:

Install the current maintenance version 5.16.2 of perl in my home directory, along with perl modules needed by my catalyst app. I want to deploy it with my local perl rather than the system perl, using apache's mod_fastcgi. Will you support that?

Among other things, the reply was:

All of your technical specs sound totally doable.

I liked what I saw at their website, found many happy customers on the Internet, and was satisfied with their responses to my inquires, so I signed-up for their medium shared hosting and am glad I did.

It was fortunate that I asked the above question, and I would advise you to do the same before signing up with anybody for shared hosting, including asmallorange.com. The problem with shared hosting is that you don't have root access to the server, leaving you at the mercy of your provider to configure anything that requires root access. My deployment required two such administrative actions:

  1. Allow compiler access.
  2. Fix an issue preventing '' from resolving.

I initiated support tickets and found that doing so was a waste of time. Each time I was passed onto somebody else, a half-dozen times or more, each time getting a more stern response stating that my request was not possible for shared hosting and that I needed to upgrade to a Cloud VPS account. After a day or two I gave up on normal support channels and emailed the systems administrator who answered my question above, and he happily solved the issues in a matter of seconds. If it wasn't for him I would have failed to deploy with shared hosting.

From here on out it's been smooth sailing with asmallorange.com, unfortunately winds change. The issue preventing '' from resolving should no-longer be a problem, but compiler access will be. Compiler permissions are automatically reset by consistency checks, so I only have compiler access for 24-hours or so before having to again request access. Ouch. Do all module installs/updates require c compiler access? I dunno, I have yet to try.

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