A transitional project to convert gitweb.cgi to a Catalyst app.


As it stands Gitalist is still very much in the transitional stage. We're currently experimenting with different models (shelling out to git vs. Git::PurePerl for example) and other such fundamentals. The master branch should always be operational at any given point (providing gitalist.conf is appropriately configured) whereas branches will be in various states of WIP.

Presently Gitalist can eat its own dogfood with all its actions running under Catalyst. This isn't found on master (as it's not quite there yet) and can be found on the nice-blob branch. While gitweb.cgi is still hard wired in (it can accessed by doing something like s{/(\w+)\?}(?$a=1;) on the URL) it is no longer directly accessible.


The code is currently found on github, initially under:

But has also been forked variously:


Any conversations pertaining to the development of Gitalist are currently happening on #gitalist on


Gitalist was firsted announced on the Catalyst mailing list.

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