Jun 29 2009 - version 0.033 on CPAN. This version is based on the HTML::FormHandler library.

Old news:

February 2009: A new version is uploaded to CPAN. It is now extensively refactored and a lot of code is moved to external general purpose libraries. The new thigs are: composed primary keys and editing complex structures in one form (person and her addresses). The authentication is outdated and for now I remove the code for it. This version uses character semantic and UTF-8 encoding in the HTML pages. The default database has some UTF-8 examples.

My plans for the future:

  1. Work on the experimental RESTfull interface. Maybe as a Moose role?

  2. Make a Configurator for it - a web bootstraper that would let the user choose the tables and columns, configure the authentication/authorisation mechanism, add additional metadata etc.

SVN: http://dev.catalystframework.org/repos/Catalyst/trunk/Catalyst-Example-InstantCRUD

Other my modules it relies on:

http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/repos/bast/DBIx-Class-ResultSet-RecursiveUpdate/1.000/trunk (svn)

Some inspiration: http://lostgarden.com/Mixing_Games_and_Applications.pdf (and http://www.theoryoffun.com/ of course).

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