Contributing to the development of Catalyst

Contributing to Catalyst:

If you want to get involved, start by looking over the Catalyst::Manual::DevelopmentProcess documentation to get a broad understanding of the development process.

Also have a look at our coding conventions. Please note that any patches or commits done are automatically placed under the Perl Artistic License. If you do not have complete authority to submit code patches, please get written authorization from the copyright holders prior to submission.

Please send all patches to the Catalyst Developers mailing list in unified diff format (diff -u -b).

If you would like a commit bit to the Catalyst repository, please ask in the #catalyst-dev channel on

Browse the Catalyst source repositories

The Catalyst-Runtime repository can be browsed at;a=tree

There are separate repositories for the various sub-projects of the Catalyst framework. You can browse these at

To check out the source of Catalyst or related project:

git anonymous read-only:

git clone git://

If your ssh keys have been added, making you a committer:

git clone ssh://

(If you're seeing catagits password prompts then your SSH keys have not been loaded on the server correctly.)

Using SVK

To fetch the 5.7x source tree, follow these instructions:

svk mirror //mirror/Catalyst-Runtime
svk sync //mirror/Catalyst-Runtime
svk co //mirror/Catalyst-Runtime/trunk Catalyst-Runtime

To create new Catalyst modules and get them to CPAN

See building a catalyst extension for CPAN.

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