Catalyst-powered Software

Below is a list of software built on top of the Catalyst web framework


  • Open Blog Website unavailable - Open source blogging application developed with the Catalyst MVC web framework
  • Typeface Website unavailable - A fully featured blogging tool with features such as XMLRPC support for using a blogging client like marsedit, wordpress compatible templates, live ajax search and powerful code highlighting. Typeface builds upon Catalyst and CPAN to provide a powerful blog engine based upon a clean codebase (demo) According to this the Typeface project is dead...
  • Angerwhale Website inactive - An attempt at rethinking blogging, Angerwhale is blogging software that reads posts from the filesystem, and determines authorship based on the post's PGP digital signature. These posts can be in a variety of formats (text, wiki, HTML, POD), and new formats can be added dynamically at runtime. Posting comments is also supported, and again, authorship is determined by checking the digital signature.

Charts / Graphing

  • Telemetry Website unavailable - Telemetry is simply a store for various 'readings' taken of a resource. You create a resource and send readings to it ad nauseum. Telemetry allows you visualize these readings. It's pretty damned spiffy.


  • Mojomojo - The Wiki that powers this site. Free, open source, but unfortunately no longer actively maintained. Commercial support / customization is provided by Nordaaker Ltd.
  • ShinyCMS is a free, open source content management system which is being actively developed. As well as templated content-managed pages it also includes a blogging engine, forums, newsletters (email mailshots), a basic online shop and more. Commercial support and customisation is available from Shiny Ideas.
  • Website in a box - a web application which you can use to create and maintain a website. It has been written with small group collaboration (e.g. research groups) in mind. Its design is deliberately simple, and should be easy to customize.
  • EasyCMS2 - An easy Content Management System (source SVN)
  • SheepWool Website unavailable - Flexible, intangible CMS for designers and/or large scale websites. Free, open source, and actively maintained.
  • Bio::Catalyst - Bio::Catalyst is a framework for an electronic lab notebook. Current features include web-based interface for creating databases, protocols, and applications. Applications can be run across a volunteer grid network created and managed through the framework. An API for the R-statistical package exists allowing users to quickly turn R scripts into web applications. Source code is available upon request.


  • Handel Website inactive - shopping cart/order/checkout framework
  • Mango Website unavailable : Ecommerce solution using Catalyst, Handel and DBIx::Class


  • Parley Website unavailable - web forum/message board written in Perl using the Catalyst framework
  • Foorum - Another Catalyst based forum


  • CiderWebmail - Catalyst/Mail::IMAPClient/AJAX based webmailer featuring template based customizable layout and internationalization.


  • GalleryCat Website unavailable - Simple config file and directory scan based gallery. Very basic, meant to give you a starting point that you can build on/theme to match your site.


  • App-CamelPKI - an X509v3 Certification Authority (CA) programmed in Perl and Catalyst
  • FileZ Website unavailable - A Catalyst application to share files on a website from your desktop