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This page will track the status of Catalyst for Debian and Ubuntu users. In particular, jawnsy and the pkg-perl team would like to ensure there are up-to-date packages available in Debian, to ease installation and use of Catalyst and related modules. He is also currently working on an initiative to get MojoMojo modules packaged in Debian as well.

The Vision

It should be as simple as:

$ apt-get install libcatalyst-perl
$ apt-get install libmojomojo-perl

To install Catalyst and MojoMojo, respectively. While installing the main Catalyst runtime is currently possibly (by installing libcatalyst-perl as above), the catalyst-modules packages (libcatalyst-modules-perl and libcatalyst-modules-extra-perl) are somewhat outdated and probably of limited usefulness to others.

Another goal is to get the MojoMojo system installable with scripts that automatically configure the libraries, so that simply by installing Apache or lighttpd or another compatible httpd, one can use MojoMojo pretty much out-of-the-box:

$ apt-get install mojomojo

In addition to providing the necessary prerequisites for a MojoMojo installation, jawnsy would like updated modules in the catalyst module bundles.


Here is the current status of MojoMojo. The following prerequisites have been identified as necessary but not yet available in Debian:

  • Catalyst::Plugin::Session::Store::Cache (now part of libcatalyst-modules-perl, but not yet uploaded to Debian)
  • Catalyst::Plugin::Setenv (now part of libcatalyst-modules-extra-perl, but not yet uploaded to Debian)
  • String::Diff (stalled due to missing copyright information)

Catalyst Modules

Thanks to quite a bit of work from Matt S. Trout and Tomas Doran (you guys rock!), the Catalyst module bundles have been updated in Debian. They are still currently pending a review and upload, but once libcatalyst-modules-perl (version 35) and libcatalyst-modules-extra-perl (version 4) are uploaded to Debian, you will reap the rewards of their work.

We'd like to also package the following modules:

  • (Please add new modules you'd like to see available in a Debian package here)

Please note that the bundles are difficult to manage and as such may be on their way out of Debian (being replaced by individual packages for each module, hopefully, or t least smaller groups of modules).

jawnsy is campaigning to get the bundles replaced by individual packages (thus providing greater granularity in what you want installed). This change can provide many benefits from a security sense, not to mention being easier to manage from the packaging team's perspective.


Place modules here that are needed for backward-compatibility with applications; ie, older ones that use things like Class::DBI.

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