1. get teejay to write a catalyst::Controller::WrapCGI article
  2. castaway wanting legacy mod_perl ease of catalyst integration
  3. how to work on the catalyst repo with git - I wrote a similar doc for MojoMojo at http://mojomojo.org/development (dandv)
  4. authorization roles with groups (e.g. group 1 member/ group 1 moderator)
  5. -guaranteed arrayrefs with moose in config::general-
  6. SAAASCMS (Jay Varner jay@sopobikes.org)
  7. multi-realm auth (with open-id?)
  8. catalyst + varnish + esi (maybe)
  9. build a streaming flv server based on http://blog.go4teams.com/?p=56 (if it falls off the net ping kd who has a copy)
  10. making a myapp_console.pl with re.pl
  11. Ajax chat controller (I volunteer if I can find the tuits -Ashley)
  12. General introduction to Moosified Catalyst
  13. -Catalyst::View::Graphics::Primitive for making PDFs (gphat)-
  14. -Chart::Clicker for sparkline graphs (gphat)-
  15. Catalyst + Mochikit + JSON to build AJAX Web Apps (amesdaq@websense.com)
  16. Nginx / fastcgi config (jshirley?) - there is one at http://wiki.codemongers.com/NginxCatalyst
  17. Write a facebook app with catalyst
  18. An approach to caching static content: http://lists.scsys.co.uk/pipermail/catalyst/2008-November/020228.html
  19. -Win 32 cat-in-a-box-on-a-stick-
  20. reprise of mst's "you're not good enough talk"
  21. photogallery / handling images (dhoss)
  22. Catalyst 5.80 introduction and project update. (t0m)
  23. Using Catalyst::View::TT::Xhtml to generate strict XHtml for development. (t0m)
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