# Catalyst humor
Mostly inadvertent, of course, and mostly in [#catalyst](http://widget.mibbit.com/?server=irc.perl.org&channel=%23catalyst).
## Catalyst ain't in the DNS business
<br/><span style="color: red">sheriff</span>: I'm trying to upgrade an old catalyst app. When I use the _server.pl thingy, it keeps redirecting to localhost
<br/><span style="color: red">sheriff</span>: how do I give it a different hostname?
<br/>**dhoss**: sheriff: you know *server.pl is for devel only, right?
<br/><span style="color: red">sheriff</span>: yes
<br/>**dandv**: sheriff: if you mean the application name, that can be changed in the .conf file
<br/><span style="color: red">sheriff</span>: ...
<br/><span style="color: red">sheriff</span>: does it sound like I might mean that?
<br/>**dandv**: sheriff: it doesn't sound like catalyst is in the DNS business
<br/><span style="color: red">sheriff</span>: dandv: I agree
## Jihad!
--- Log opened Wed Feb 11 18:50:24 2009
<br>18:50 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with Meijito
18:50 <Meijito> Why I was kicked?
18:50 <Meijito> Which my text to you look ugly?
18:52 <mst> 18:47 < Meijito> lucs, dude I reading that fu***ing tutorial. Don't reply this to any 5s! How you think from where I getting this commands!? Stop flooding with that stupid: "read ...".
18:53 <Meijito> Yeah, nice. What's wrong here? Bad words is cenzured. I'm angry cause people to me say not solution, but "read manual, read tutorial" any 5s! I just asked he to stop that.
18:54 <Meijito> Better their will don't say anything to me if their don't have any smart idea.
18:54 <mst> you don't understand the basics
18:54 <mst> http://www.perl.org/books/beginning-perl/
18:54 <mst> ignore your current tutorial and read that instead
18:55 <mst> -then- ask to be unbanned when you have some idea what you're doing
18:55 <Meijito> Ok.
18:56 <mst> his advice was right. we can't currently solve your problem because the explanation would not make sense
18:56 <mst> which is why people were saying that
18:56 <mst> so have a read of beginning perl
18:56 <mst> and tell me when you're ready to try again :)
18:57 <Meijito> Ok, I hear God word!
18:57 <Meijito> Now, I have idea what I'm doing.
18:57 <Meijito> Now you can unban me.
18:57 <Meijito> :))
18:57 <mst> in a couple days when you've read some of beginning perl :)
18:58 <mst> and the people you shouted at have calmed down
18:58 <Meijito> You make deal with me. You can't change rools after deal.
18:58 <Meijito> [20:55] <mst> -then- ask to be unbanned when you have some idea what you're doing
18:58 <Meijito> Here you don't mean couple days.
18:58 <Meijito> :/
18:58 <mst> I do.
18:58 <mst> you need to read some of beginning perl
18:58 <mst> to have some idea what you're doing
18:58 <Meijito> I readed. Make test to me if you want.
18:59 <Meijito> I have fast eyes + fast internet = Fast Read.
18:59 <mst> how do you slice a hash reference?
19:00 <Meijito> If I understand you good: my %hash = ("Foo" => '1', "Boo" => '2');
19:00 <mst> that's not even a reference
19:00 <mst> I'll see you in a couple of days.
19:00 <Meijito> Wait, when I will translate that hard word - reference.
19:01 <mst> start reading beginning perl
19:01 <mst> in two days, ask me to unban you
19:01 <mst> you don't get to argue about this. stop wasting time trying to and start reading :)
19:01 <Meijito> print "Foo: $hash{"1"}\r\n";
19:02 <Meijito> Ok, we can make other deal. We can go to playok.com and make a chess round!
19:02 <mst> no.
19:02 <mst> two days.
19:02 <mst> goodbye.
19:02 <Meijito> No, wait!
19:02 <Meijito> Don't leave me, please!
19:02 <mst> if you keep arguing it will be three days.
19:02 <mst> goodbye.
19:02 <Meijito> Ask other question, this was too hard.
19:03 <Meijito> You came from hell, man. :/
19:04 <Meijito> Don't be devil! I think you're better!
19:09 <Meijito> my %oList = ('76' => '1', '15' => '1', '76' => '1');
19:09 <Meijito> if ($oList{'76'} eq '1') {
19:09 <Meijito> print "Your sum is in the list!!\r\n";
19:09 <Meijito> } else {
19:09 <Meijito> print "Your sum isn't in the list!\r\n";
19:09 <Meijito> }
19:09 <Meijito> Look!
19:09 <mst> that's not a reference.
19:09 <mst> now
19:09 <mst> SEE YOU IN TWO DAYS
19:09 <mst> GOODBYE
19:09 <Meijito> Wait, I can't understand that your "reference".
19:09 <Meijito> Tell in simple words.
19:10 <mst> that is a simple word. it is a basic perl concept. you do not know it yet
19:10 <mst> to know it, you must read the book I linked you to
19:10 <mst> go away and read it
19:10 <mst> this is your last warning.
19:10 <Meijito> Which is last?
19:11 <mst> next time you try and argue, it's 3 days.
19:11 <mst> please go read the book
19:11 <mst> and come and ask to be unbanned in 2 days.
19:11 <Meijito> 3!? Damn!
19:11 <Meijito> Don't do that!
19:11 <mst> then stop arguing with me and go read the book
19:11 <mst> I'll see you in two days.
19:13 <Meijito> Here is not bazaar, one day please.
19:13 <mst> no.
19:13 <mst> one more argument and it's 3.
19:15 <Meijito> -- This is not argument, just question. -- Do you really don't wanna play chess?
19:15 <mst> I'm working
19:15 <mst> come back in 2 days
19:15 <mst> goodbye.
19:18 <Meijito> -- This is not argument -- Ok. This is not smart way which are you going. Be more compossionater. Make our meet in 2 hours. I think this will be good lesson to me.
19:18 <mst> I'll see you in THREE days.
19:18 <Meijito> --- This is not argument too. --- Two hours to me will be hell.
19:19 <mst> it's now 3 days. shut up, go away, and read, or it will be more.
19:19 <Meijito> How mach more..?
19:19 <Meijito> I can't understand about what are you thinking, but it's very bad.
19:20 <Meijito> Don't do that!
19:20 <Meijito> Aaaaaaa!
19:20 <Meijito> Nooooooooooooooo!
19:21 <Meijito> #Ppppppppeeeeeerrrrrrllll!
19:21 <Meijito> I can't exist without thath channel!!!!
19:21 <Meijito> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
19:21 <Meijito> God! Help me! Alah!! Jihad!
19:21 <mst> it's now four days.
19:21 <mst> if you don't shut up it will be permanent.
19:21 <Meijito> Four days!?
19:22 <Meijito> This is really big shit.
19:22 <mst> GOOD. BYE.
19:22 <Meijito> This is long shit.
19:22 <mst> if I hear from you again before four days
19:22 <Meijito> Damn.
19:22 <mst> you will be banned forever
19:22 <mst> GOOD BYE
19:22 <Meijito> Forever mean perment!?
19:22 <mst> yes
19:22 <mst> speak to you in 4 days.
19:22 <Meijito> Perment mean forever!?
19:22 <mst> ok
19:22 <mst> goodbye
19:22 <Meijito> Not ok.
19:22 <mst> your ban is permanent.
19:22 <mst> fuck off.
--- Log closed Wed Feb 11 19:22:58 2009